Harry Styles & Taylor Swift: Is One Direction’s Song ‘I Love You’ about the Famous Pop Star?

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift
(Photo : Harry Styles & Taylor Swift)

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift: Is One Direction's Song 'I Love You' about the Famous Pop Star?

Harry Styles, One Direction star, has a new song, which is reportedly inspired from his split from Taylor Swift, a Grammy Award-winning singer.

Based on the report on International Business Times, Perez Hilton said that Styles wrote the song "I Love You" for Alex and Sierra, X Factor USA, about his regret over the end of his romantic relationship with the pop star.

However, according to Hollywood Life, the song wasn't about Taylor Swift and it is just a coincidence, which most fans felt disappointed hoping that there would still be a spark left between the two stars.

In the lyrics of the song "I Love You", it also includes the line saying "I won't trouble you no more" which most people claims that Styles might be hinting the hit song of Taylor Swift "I Knew You Were Trouble", which is also said to be written for Styles. It was also revealed that Swift is enjoying her single life after her split with Styles. Although this gained mixed opinions, many fans are still supporting both stars.

Taylor Swift said in an interview that she hasn't dated anybody. She also added that she haven't gone on a date and people are sorry for her when she wrote that. However, it is true, a sad truth for the majority.

Swift said that she feels like watching her dating life has become a national pastime and she is not comfortable of providing that type of entertainment anymore. She also doesn't like seeing the slide shows of the guys she have apparently dated. She also doesn't like give comedians the chance to make jokes about her at an award show. She doesn't like it when the headlines read that men should be careful as she might write a song about them.

Taylor Swift has also a history dating high-profile celebrities such as Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Zac Efron, Conor Kennedy, and John Mayer.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift hits back at the criticism over writing about her ex-boyfriends and said that it is very sexist according to Heat World.


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