Coming to DVD on Jan 25 is the Faith Based Movie "23 Blast"

23 blast

Coming to DVD on January 20th, 2015 is the new faith-based movie "23 Blast."  The movie is based on true life events. Travis Freeman plays for a high school football team in Kentucky, the Corbin Redhounds.

He is a talented wide receiver who loses his sight due to a serious infection. He has to rebuild his life and, surprisingly, this includes still playing football when his coach gets the idea to bring him back on the team. In a dramatic turn of events, Travis gets the opportunity to play for his team in a game that could send them to the play-offs. 

This movie features a theme of walking by faith and not by sight. The loyalty of Travis' friend, quarterback Jerry Baker, and the faith of his coach, is inspiring. We are recommending this moving story for ages twelve plus, due to a few instances of language. Watching this movie is an experience the viewer will not soon forget. 

This is what critics are saying about the movie: 

  • 23 Blast is a powerful movie about football and perseverance. If you're looking for an inspiring movie that the whole family can enjoy, go see this film!" -Tony Dungy, Super Bowl Winning Coach & All Pro Dad National Spokesman 


    "If there is one film you see between now and the end of the year, go see 23 Blast!" -Governor Mike Huckabee 

    "...23 Blast tells remarkable story of blind high school player." -USA Today headline 

    "23 Blast Might Be the Best of This Year's True-Story High School Christian Football Dramas" -Village Voice review headline 

    "A triumph! Exhilarating, wise and genuinely heartfelt! It will make you stand up and cheer! Perfect entertainment for the whole family!" - Avi Offer, the NYC Movie Guru 

    "23 Blast is inspiration incarnated. [It] is the kind of football flick that transcends the game, exciting and encouraging all audiences." -Joseph J. Airdo, San Francisco Examiner 

    "Highly recommended. 23 Blast is one of the most engaging and heartfelt I have seen in some time. The entire cast is at the top of their game." -James McDonald, 

    "23 Blast is extremely entertaining and inspiring. Tightly written and directed, the movie charms viewers through funny moments and intriguing characters." -Ted Baehr, Movieguide 

    "23 Blast is entertaining, funny and poignant..." -Jacob Sahms, Hollywood Jesus 

    "An inspirational tale that never becomes sugary or preachy." -Nell Minow, Movie Mom, Beliefnet

  • Content Description
    Sex: Kissing by a teenage couple.
    Language: Dear Lord-1; D-3; H-2; Crap-2; Butt-3; Loser-2; Son of a... (Not Finished)-2; Geez-1
    Violence: Football player moves so kid will fall; some roughhousing on football field.
    Drugs: Teenagers at a party drinking beer from a keg; underage drinking a few times by a student who has a weakness for it but his close friends do not condone it; talk of drug use by a student; cigar smoking by a few characters; an "Are you high?" question.
    Nudity: Cleavage; shirtless young men a few times.
    Other: A student says he used to cheat in Math class; family deals with blindness of son; young man lets blind friend drive truck in school parking lot; tension between a few characters.  


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