List Of Romantic Faith-Based Movies For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and you’re thinking what would be a great way to end it with?

One of the great ideas is to sit down at your cozy home and watch a Faith-based romantic movie with your spouse or a group of friends after the long day. Here are some film choices for you to watch and then perhaps share a fellowship and thoughts after the movie.

‘Fireproof,’ is a romantic drama film that would surely inspire the couples to stay married, lead an honest life based on faith that would help you guide your marriage.

‘Marriage Retreat,’ with Jeff Fahey, Victoria Jackson, tells the story of a group of friends who go on a marriage retreat in the mountains hoping just to have a little fun and relax. However there they discover the true state of their marriages.

‘One Night With the King,’ the story based on the tale of Esther, a humble Jewish girl who saved her people from annihilation by winning the heart of the King Xerxes.

‘What If,’ starring Kevin Sorbo, who portraits a young man who leaves his college sweetheart Wendy and his faith in order to pursue lucrative business career. Visited by an angelic mechanic he gets an opportunity to view his life in a new perspective-as one married to Wendy, having two children and being a church preacher. It’s up to him to choose what life he truly wants.

‘The Book of Ruth,’ tells the story of Ruth, who is the main character of the Book of Ruth. Ruth following her mother-in-law Naomi to the land of Israel, meets a man named Boaz who is of the Royal House of Israel. 

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