The Soundtrack to the Faith-Based Documentary "Patterns of Evidence: Exodus" Releases July 31


Coming on July 31 is the soundtrack album for the faith--based documentary movie "Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus."  The film "Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus" asks one simple question: Did the stories in the Bible really happen? This challenge sent Timothy Mahoney, a documentary filmmaker, on a twelve-year investigation, which took him to Egypt, Sinai, Israel, and Europe in search of answers from the world's leading scholars and archaeologists. 

The music in this CD has been arranged to follow that journey of discovery. The film score is the work of three talented composers - Jonathan David Neal, David Rohl, and Rob Barrett, Jr. Between them, they were able to create a unique soundtrack that captured the world of ancient Egypt and the Bible. We hope you will never tire of listening to these beautiful and emotional scores that transport us all to another time and place - to the world of Exodus and to one of the greatest stories ever told. 


01. Exodus Opening Theme

02. Lament Of Moses - Burning Bush Medley

03. Journey To The Past - Medley

04. Land Of The Pharaohs Medley

05. The Sands Of Time

06. Wall Of Time

07. Pyramid Dreams

08. The Journeyman09. Snow Fall

10. Inner Voices

11. Holy Day

12. Wilderness

13. Desert Highway

14. Freedom

15. Joseph's Palace

16. Passover

17. The Tenth Plague

18. The Tablets

19. Timothy

20. I AM Who I AM

21. Freedom: The Dawn Of Exodus


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