"The Moment Good Things Come Together:" Canton Junction on The Impact of Their New Album "Every Hallelujah"

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Produced by award-winning musician Garry Jones, and featuring powerful new songs alongside well-loved classics, "Every Hallelujah" is the brand new album by Canton Junction. The wide array of songs selected showcases the remarkable versatility of these combination of voices with Gospel classics "When He Was On The Cross" and "The King And I," to the freshly arranged hit single "Weep No More" featured in the theatrical docudrama Four Blood Moons. The group's talent and passion shine through on this highly anticipated album, the first recording to feature new members Ryan Seaton (baritone) and Casey Rivers (lead), joining Matthew Hagee and Tim Duncan. 

Hallels:  There may be some of our readers who may be new to your music.  So, how did you derive your name Canton Junction? 

The name Canton Junction has been defined as "the moment good things come together." We believe this describes what happens when listeners encounter our music; it seemed to be fitting for the group. Great Gospel music is bigger than any one individual, generation, or moment in time. It's something that should outlive any of these things; so, the concept of Canton Junction is not connected to a geographic location or any particular personality, but describes something that we want to live for a long time.   
Hallels:  Recently you have the additions of Ryan Seaton and Casey Rivers to the team, how does that change the sound and the dynamics of this new record "Every Hallelujah"? 

Ryan and Casey are very accomplished vocalists in their own right. We have really enjoyed what they have brought to the group, and the amount of new content they have enabled Canton Junction to record. It's only the beginning, but great things are in store for this group...and Casey and Ryan are a big part of it.  
Hallels:  In your press material you said this album is going to take hearers on an emotional roller coaster ride.  What do you mean by this? 

The content of the songs is really diverse.  There are very impacting messages about the reality of the coming of the Lord ("Weep No More").  There are very deep and emotional moments of comfort with songs like "A Place Called Grace" and "For Moments Like These." There are exciting and fun expressions with "I Need a Little More Jesus" and "Tumbling Down."  By the time the listener gets to the end of these 13 tracks, they will have been several different places and felt a lot of wonderful things based on where this music will take them.   
Hallels:  Your lead single "Weep No More" is also from the movie "Four Blood Moons."  What do you think of the movie?  What do you think is the value of watching this movie? 

The "Four Blood Moons" docudrama tells the story of Bible prophecy, modern history and science in such a way that not even the doubters and cynics can deny that God is using the stars in the heavens to tell the world something is about to change.  Every individual, whether they are a believer or not, will have to address the question, "Am I ready to meet the Lord?" by the time they finish this film.  I believe the value of watching this movie is the same opportunity we are often given in various types of share the message of salvation.  People will give their hearts to Christ as a result of this film.  
Hallels:  Let's talk about your new album "Every Hallelujah."  I am impressed by the higher number of original songs, was this done on purpose? 

This is our first opportunity to work with Garry Jones.  He is in his own right not only wonderfully talented, but he has a way of finding material that gives any group a great deal of options.  Not only did he do a marvelous job of finding some incredible content, but the writers themselves really outdid anything I have ever heard on any other Gospel album.  
Hallels:  Are there songs in the album that have helped you personally through a difficult time.  If so, can you give us an example?  

"For Moments Like These" says very clearly "when you don't understand and you choose to believe, faith was made, for moments like these."  If that does not speak to the heart of every believer who has ever had to trust the Lord beyond their own understanding, then nothing else will.  This isn't the only line that has helped in the journey of recording this new music, it's one of many.  Some of these lines are brand-new, others are old and rather familiar; I'm sure that there are even a few that I've not discovered yet because life changes every day.  What you hear today may not touch your heart until tomorrow, but when it does it will be a "Canton Junction"...when good things come together. 

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to find out more about you or purchase your new album, where can they go? <> Follow us on Facebook (@CantonJunctionMusic) and Twitter (@CantonJunction).  Download iTunes and Amazon.  Find out more about upcoming tour dates through the end of the year. 



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