Jordan Family Band On The Conviction & Passion Behind "Joshua 24:15"

Jordan Family Band

Jordan Family Band is releasing their debut record with Skyland Records, a subsidary of Crossroads (The Talleys, Kingdom Heirs, Mark Bishop and others) this Friday.  Not only do they sing on the record, they even write and play all the instruments on this new disc. 

 In October of 2009 Josh Jordan's dad, Bro. Fain Jordan, passed away unexpectedly. It was shortly thereafter, while struggling with shock and a great sense of loss, the Lord allowed Josh, his wife Randa, and their three boys to hear the single "Dealing With Gold" by the Inspirations while driving down the road one evening. Through this song, the Lord brought great comfort to their family and touched their hearts deeply. It quickly became a favorite of the entire family.

After purchasing the album in its entirety, the Jordan children - Hutch, Alex and Grant - quickly started singing along with each of its tracks. "Inspired by the Inspirations," Josh and Randa like to say, they realized that this was a great opportunity to start a family group. They began by learning the boy's favorite track, "Dealing With Gold" and from the first time they stood and sang it in church, the response was overwhelming!  The rest, as they say, is history.

The Jordan Family Band represents something that few people witness in today's gospel music scene: a complete family unit singing, playing, and ministering together. The Jordan Family are members of New Town Baptist Church in Calhoun, Ga.

Q:  Thank you so much for your time.  For starters, tell us a little about yourself, who is the Jordan Family Band?

We are from the Adairsville (north Ga) area. The group consists of: Dad- Joshua, Mom-Randa, Son-Hutch(17), Son-Alex(11), Son-Grant(9) and Keenan Atkinson who has lived with us for 4 years and travels full time with us. In our live performance, you will see the entire family playing swapping out and playing many instruments and singing songs ranging from traditional Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, Bluegrass, traditional worship and whatever God lays on our heart for the service!

Q:  You are also self-contained in the sense that you write, sing, and play on your record.  This is a rarity in Southern Gospel, why did you choose to write your own material? 

We love writing and have been blessed to write about 95% of the stuff we have done on our last couple of projects including all of the songs on this project. We just felt like that the songs that we chose for this project really represented who we are and the direction that our ministry is headed in. There are some really personal songs on this project and some songs that we know can really minister to people. 

Q:  Let's talk about "Joshua 24:15."  Is this your first record?  How did you get to work with the lovely folks at Crossroads? 

This is actually our fifth family recording, but our first national recording. We started recording our boys and family together back in 2009 in our home studio. We would pick 10 songs, produce and arrange, record vocals and play all instruments on the records, hence the name, "JordanFamily Band". We recorded the music tracks for our last two records at Crossroads and begin a relationship with all of the staff there. We really fell in love with our producer and friend, Jeremy Medkiff who was playing on the recordings. When it come around to this record, we decided to go in another direction and hire a producer to produce the entire project for our first time. We recorded the music tracks in Nashville, then came back to our place with Jeremy and done the vocals. We really didn't have no further direction on the project, until the week of NQC '16. After performing one afternoon, we were approached by Jeff Collins of Crossroads who wanted to take the project and Chris White to see if there were any options although the project had already been recorded. We delayed the release of the project and begin talking back-and-forth with Chris and the Crossroads staff and eventually signed with this wonderful company! We were just so humbled and feel so blessed to not only know these people but to have them in our corner!

Q:  What's the significance of Joshua 24:15? And why did you name the album "Joshua 24:15"?

I quoted inside the credits of this project, "Joshua 24:15" is not just a song title or an album title, it is the verse that our family has chosen to stand on! We have faced opposition and adversity just like everyone has, but we have decided to go all in and serve the Lord with everything in us and give back the talents that He has given us.

Q:  What were some of the highlights in making this record?

Getting to play along with and record with some of the most talented individuals in music! Any time you get to work with people like Gordon Mote, Jeremy Medkiff etc... it is a highlight! But, watching all of the songs come to life from a vision is quite overwhelming!

Q:  "The Day" is your current single.  For our readers who may not have heard it yet, what's the song about?  Why are you excited about it? 

Good friday of 2014 I was sitting in my truck on a job site and I began to go back in my mind to the events that took place over 2000 years ago and what our Saviour done for us. The betrayal he suffered, the accusations, the mockery, the beatings, the crucifixion, the death, burial and then the glorious resurrection! Knowing this is the day we set a Side to commemorate the crucifixion and death of our Lord and the upcoming Easter service to celebrate the resurrection,  I actually, physically uttered the words, "This is the day"! The moment I spoke those words, my heart begin to fill with the words of, "The Day".

If I am being totally honest, for the first time in all of my writings, I was writing these lyrics in complete worship! Tears were strolling down my face, audible shouts would follow a line as I was totally engulfed in the moment. Randa, my wife called right in the middle of what was going on and I actually declined her call and asked her to give me a bit, pray for me I was on to something concerning a song and I would return her call. I could not leave the devine moment of worship I was in, it was like God Himself was physically sitting with me in that moment and filled me with His Holy Spirit through these lyrics He gave me! I like most all writers have written songs through inspiration, simple thoughts, life experiences and direct messages from The Lord, but never nothing like I experienced that day, while simply thinking about, "The Day".- Josh

Q:  Though many of the songs deal with Christ, but you have also included songs  that could also work on country radio too.  I love "I Miss Them All," tell us more about this song. 

I have always had a love for real country music, certainly not the stuff that is recorded these days. I was raised listening to the Midsouth Boys, the Hinson's and gospel groups that had that country flavor, so a lot of my writing echoes that. This song was a mystery to me! Lol My kids are still at home even though this song speaks of someone reminiscing about the days the kids were at home but now are gone. We were in the song selection process and we played this sound for Jeremy and told him of the vision where not only does it remind people of the days past, but also challenges us younger parents to make the most of everyday, cherish the days we have with their kids even more now and we were definitely all on board for the song! 

Q:  Not many families sing, serve, and worship together these days.  How do you get your family to serve God together? 

Serving God together is one of our greatest joys. We are like any other family who has problems, get on each other's nerves etc.... But worshiping for us starts at home. We love getting to do it at different churches and venues every weekend, but we also love together around the piano at home and just start singing random songs and worshiping together! We do this on live Facebook often and are blessed to get to interact with our family and friends. We have had anywhere from 50,000 to even 13 million views on one of our live videos! God has blessed us so much and given us such an out reach, just by worshiping Him!

Again, thank you and let us know if you need anything else! We hope to get to meet you soon, Josh Jordan

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