Watch 3 Heath Brothers' Faith Building New Video "Smell of Smoke"

3 heath brothers

3 Heath Brothers have released the video of their faith building new single "Smell of Smoke." The single is taken from Who We Are - their debut album with Horizon Records.  

"Here it is...our brand new music video. Just like the 3 Hebrew boys in the Bible, if we have God on our side, we can walk out of our trials and they don't have to ruin us. We don't even have to smell of smoke. No matter what you're going through there is a God that is more powerful than any of the trials in your life and you can come out of every one them and they don't have to destroy you." 

Nicholas, Clayton and Christian Heath are North Carolina natives, whose parents raised them in faith. Their mother taught them to sing blended harmonies at an early age. Now, their powerful vocals and youthful energy have been melded into a new, distinctive sound. With this album, they make an impressive statement about their music, mission and beliefs with creative arrangements, song choice and production.

"The 3 Heath Brothers are so talented that they can sing any style of music, but their heart is in sharing the gospel message through their music. We wanted this project to really speak to who they are - three young Christian men who are excited about sharing their unique musical style that showcases their passion for the gospel," says Roger Talley, who produced Who We Are. "They appeal to every generation, and I feel this project does the same. I am excited for you to discover who The 3 Heath Brothers are."

Who We Are shows the talent and beliefs of the brothers - and their ability to bring a wide range of music to the gospel genre. There's verve in their harmony in "Dream Small," fierce vocal delivery in "Shaking in His Shoes" and reverent passion in "Give it To Jesus." Then there's the inspirational pop notes of songs like "This Is Who I Am" and the first single, "Smell Of Smoke."

The album also includes covers of Contemporary Christian songs like "No Matter What" and "Self Less," which are testaments of the 3 Heath Brothers' reliance on God through trials and their desire to serve Him through their actions.

Other notable tracks include "I Believe You," a song with an epic arrangement and powerful delivery about trusting in the Lord; "Mother's Day Song," a loving tribute to the sacrifices mothers make to raise their children; and "Give It To Jesus," an original song written by Nicholas Heath.

"Most of our songs were not picked because they are fun - even though some of them are. They were chosen for the truth of the words. The songs on this album are words that we believe and that we want other people to carry with them. We don't have songs to waste," say the 3 Heath Brothers. "We are three energetic teenage boys that love to sing and have fun. We love people and love God and want to do our best to give Him 100%. We want to show that you can still have fun while being a Christian."

Listen to Who We Are HERE.

About 3 Heath Brothers
The 3 Heath Brothers are teenagers, Nicholas, Clayton, & Christian Heath from Thomasville, NC. They have been singing together as long as they can remember. Their mom, taught them to sing parts from a very early age and their dad is the Senior Pastor at Faith Community Chapel in Thomasville, NC. 

When these young guys get up to sing, people are consistently shocked by their tight harmony, powerful vocals, and a cappella arrangements. In the summer of 2018, they won the Grand Champion Trophy at the NC State Annual Singing Convention. They recently performed at Dollywood, Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove, and are Main Stage artists at Singing in the Sun 2019 and the Gatlinburg Gathering 2019.

Audiences won't want to miss their young energy and passion for God. They love God and their goal is to promote Christ and demonstrate that you are never too young to give all you have to God.




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