David Dunn Grieves the Loss of His Father-in-Law; Releases New EP

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God has a way of interrupting our lives with events that shake us up. Not because he is capricious, but because he wants us to know his love better.  No one knows this truth better than singer and songwriter David Dunn.  Dunn has just released his new EP Interruption at a time when he and his family experienced the death of David's father-in-law. 

Dunn writes: "My father-in- law just passed away very unexpectedly. A horrid wrench thrown into my family's existence. It's the worst..for my grieving wife...for my two boys who wont grow up knowing the awesome man that was their Granda.. for me - who lost a good friend. We're heart broken..and im trying real hard to believe the words I wrote well before all this crap happened. That even this interruption is an example of my Father's love...I know that sounds crazy...but it has to be true."

He continues:  "My father in law unexpectedly went to hang with Jesus yesterday. Just moved to Nashville to be with us and closer to their grandchildren. I'm devastated my boys won't grow up knowing their amazing granda. Life is a fragile thing. Don't spend a second of it carelessly." 

Dunn's new song and title cut of his new EP "Interruption" speaks powerfully into his own situation:

You are the interruption
You are the full destruction of my house of cards
And I know You love me
I don't wanna be the way I was before 


1. Interruption
2. Starting Now
3. Yes & No
4. The Human Condition
5. Spend a Life 

David Dunn hails from Texas and after graduating in engineering from Texas Tech University, he spent 13 months in Africa doing mission work where it became clear that he would pursue music full-time. After appearing on NBC's hit show "The Voice," he released his debut album Crystal Clear in 2015 on BEC Recordings.

His debut album produced the Top 20 radio hit "Today is Beautiful." Dunn now calls Nashville home and has had the opportunity to write with some of the Christian community's finest songwriters, many of whom he collaborated with on his sophomore release Yellow Balloons, a synth-soaked pop album boasting heavy beats and honest, heartfelt lyrics.

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