Kanye West Reveals His Vision to Build a Gospel University

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During his interview at the "The Joe Rogan Experience," Gospel music and hip-hop artist Kanye West reveals that he is launching a gospel university. West dreams that of building a Colosseum for God, with 100,000 of trained voices singing God's praises in harmony. 

West believes that the songs he has been doing at Sunday service will become the hymn book for the future gospel university. West reveals: "I've envisioned and will manifest a 200,000-seat stadium, circular, with 100,000 gospel singers."

The students at this university will have to undergo rigorous training, likened to the type of training one would receive when training for the Olympics or professional sports.  "People will go to this university and they will train the way a Russian Olympic swimmer [does]. Picture like they will be in the pool, six days a week, at least, if not seven days, he explained.

The Chicago native explained that people who sing for the church do so voluntarily as a "tithe or pro bono." "People don't practice that as much as we practice going to studio to rap, or practice playing basketball for the NBA," West continued. 

"It's making the NBA, so to say, the Colosseum for God. Have you heard like soccer chants with 60,000 people? I envision that for God - 100,000 people sometimes singing in harmony."


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