Jars of Clay Celebrates 20 Years with Fan Curated Album "Jars 20"

Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay will release their "Jars 20" album on 5th August 2014. "Jars 20" celebrates the two decades the iconic Christian band have been making music.  The album will be a retrospective collection finding the band revisiting 20 of their older songs re-recorded in an acoustic fashion.  

However, this is not your usual "greatest hits" collection. When fans visit their Pledgemusic page, not only can they order the album, but in ordering they get a chance to vote on which songs make it into the final track listing of the record.  The top 2 songs from each of their 10 studio albums will make it into "Jars 20."  

This is what they wrote: "Recently, we've been playing StageIt concerts, featuring each album in our catalog. Your positive feedback from those acoustic, intimate arrangements gave us an idea. We have decided, in our 20th year, to record your 20 favorite Jars songs in that acoustic fashion.

Here's how it will work- when you pledge, you will not only get the digital album of these 20 songs, but you will also get a vote on what songs make it on the record. Over the next several weeks, we will use a "polling" function here on PledgeMusic that will allow you all to cast your votes. The Top Two songs per album from our 10 studio albums will then make up the 20 songs. So this album will be created based on your votes!!"

Further, 10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to blood:water mission.  




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