Justin Bieber Enlists New Church Pastor Judah Smith for Gospel EP

Justin Bieber

Earlier in the year, pop music icon Justin Bieber announced that he has cut ties with Hillsong church after the moral downfall of its former pastor Carl Lentz. Bieber has also announced that he now calls Churchome his church now. Beverly Hills based Churchome is another celebrity hotspot led by Pastor Judah Smith. On Easter Sunday, Bieber solidify his relationship with Churchome by featuring his pastor Judah Smith to sing on two of the tracks on his brand new Easter EP.

Bieber dropped Freedom, his brand new and first Gospel EP, on Sunday. He shared the word "Freedom" typed on an iPhone notes app, which happens to be the EP's cover. The caption reads, "Freedom on all platforms." The 6-song EP features collaborations with artists like Beam, Brandon Love, Chandler Moore, Pink Sweats, Tori Kelly and Lauren Walters.  

Pastor Judah Smith is featured on two tracks: "Where You Go I Follow" and "Where Do I Fit In." Smith himself is also excited about the EP. On social media, he types in all caps: "HAPPY EASTER - HE IS RISEN -AND IN HIM WE HAVE FREEDOM. AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE." 

Smith has also expressed his love for Bieber. He speaks about his interactions with the pop superstar. "I have been allowed to love him and I feel like we are family. We talk almost every day. And I've learned that what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but in the process lose his soul?

"That all of the trappings that our culture tells us you pursue, leaves us as lifeless as you could possibly imagine.

"What really matters in life, even when you have hundreds of millions and are one of the most famous people in the world, is relationship with God and with each other, authentic relationship."

Fans are excited about this gospel EP. One fan, in particularly, writes: "Love how everything about the simple cover concept signifies a deeper meaning that's just my interpretationThe plain cover is metaphoric of who Justin is: an ordinary person. The charging icon is like what people are saying about reconnecting and engagement with one's self and God. The 3:16 indicates the biblical verse in the book of John Honestly it's innovation at its finest and I couldn't be more proud or happier. The album is breathtakingly beautiful I can't stop listening."   

The EP comes on the heels of Bieber's latest full-length album, Justice, which debut at #1 on Billboard 200.


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