Jenny & Tyler Talk About Investing in the Next Generation & Offer Free EP

Jenny & Tyler

Christian music husband and wife duo Jenny & Tyler have a heart to minister to the next generation. They are keen to help the younger people in our community understand the injustice and racial inequality in our society. This is what their latest song "Part of Me" is about. Written by the duo's Jenny Somers, the song allows her to process through her children's response to the events and challenges that have marked the past year. 

"I'm a songwriter and when I see my children hurting, I write," Jenny concludes. "When I see them doing great things, I write. I wrote this song for them because I want them to know that I see them. I see their big emotions. I see how hard the past year has been. I see their strength. I see them overcome. We're going to get through this together. We are a part of each other."

"Part of Me" was written during the pandemic. Jenny reveals, "One day Jane and Sara left school and without warning never went back. They didn't have a chance to say goodbye to their teachers and friends. They didn't get to go to their friends' birthday parties or have parties of their own. Dance class became virtual. Everything changed. Emotions ran high at home as they tried to navigate their grief and anxiety as young children."
"Jane, who turns 8 next month, was particularly affected. Suddenly, she realized that there is a lot of darkness in the world. In addition to the virus, racial injustice unfolded before her eyes and she tried to make sense of the violence and the deep hurt that many of her friends were feeling and continue to feel. And then the election happened and she saw even more division. She decided to put her emotions into action and planned a socially-distanced cookie sale to help the homeless here in Nashville. Our community was incredibly supportive and Jane raised $1,000 for the Nashville Rescue Mission. My three girls (and baby boy) continue to inspire me to press on through the hard things, dream big, and do the next right thing."

Jenny and Tyler are also offering fans to download for FREE an exclusive EP that is not available anywhere else. You can now get this EP by clicking here..


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