Fresh Sounds: New Music from Travis Greene, DRK 2 LGHT & The Color

Fresh Sounds

Travis Greene,  DRK 2 LGHT & The Color have all dropped new singles. Here's our chance to catch up with the latest music releases.   

Travis Greene releases a striking new single with "Hold On Me" (feat. Kirk Franklin and John P. Kee), the first official single going out to Gospel radio from his upcoming new album Oil + Water. "Hold On Me" is written and co-produced by Travis Greene, with Franklin writing his own part on the track. Greene creates a joyful message of freedom from past wrongs with Jesus' forgiveness and constant presence with us, we're changed on a different path. Through any times that we struggle or may falter, Jesus is there holding onto us.  

D Porter, Javon Inman, and Rob Mercer are DRK 2 LGHT, one of Gospel music's hottest rising super-groups. Their sophomore single is a sizzling twist on the traditional Gospel format.  "Fix My Heart" dishes out a hefty dose of electric guitar, a chorus of fierce background singers, and DRK 2 LGHT's soulful and fiery vocals to make a standout track that is heating up Gospel radio.  

"Fix My Heart is an electrifying work of art! Vocally, these gentlemen give us their hearts with an amazing harmony while making a plea to the Lord," says Tony D, WAAW Shout 94.7 FM Music Director.  "I found the simplicity and complexity of the instrumentation to be sheer genius.  I promise it will motivate you and your days will be better for it." 

The Color's new single, "Better Way" (DREAM Records), reveals a fresh side of the band that encompasses both depth and maturity. The song wrestles with the reality of our small human perspective. We want to know why something is happening. We desire control and clarity when facing uncertain times. "Better Way" reminds us that, though we only see a small part of the picture, God sees it all. We can walk in faith trusting that, though it may not unfold as we hoped or expected, He is leading us a Better Way.

"When we wrote Better Way the entire touring industry had shut down and I had essentially lost my job." Frontman, Jordan Janzen shares. "It had been almost 6 months and I still didn't have any clarity and I still didn't have any control. There were some really hard days where hope was hard to find. I needed this song. I needed a reminder that I see such a small part of the picture."

"Psalm 139:16 says "... Every day of your life was recorded in [God's] book. Every moment was laid out...""






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