FREE MOVIE: Eric Liddell -- Olympic Hero or Hero of the Faith?

Eric Liddell

The Summer Olympic Games are here! Beginning this week in Tokyo, we will see some of the most talented athletes in the entire world compete for the gold as they demonstrate the incredible talent that God has given them. One Olympic hero and also a hero of faith is Eric Liddell. From the award-winning Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith series, The Eric Liddell Story is now available for FREE in this special online event brought to you exclusively by RevelationMedia and our friends at Christian History Institute.

Here's the synopsis of the movie: "Eric Liddell was the fastest runner in all of Scotland. Quickly, he became a national hero for his running abilities, and all of his countrymen looked forward to the 1924 Olympics in Paris where Eric was expected to win the gold medal.

Even though Eric refused to compete in his best event because it took place on a Sunday, he still went on to win two medals: one gold, and one bronze. Due to his fame, Eric Liddell was respected, and he used his life to witness to others about Christ. 

He sacrificed his comfortable life in Scotland and returned to China, where he had lived as a child, to serve as a missionary and teacher with his wife for 20 years. As World War II reached them, Eric surrendered the opportunity to leave China, and stayed to help the wounded. Watch this incredible story of Eric Liddell's life and see how God used him to bring His Gospel to people living in China. 

Eric Liddell was willing to give up fame and glory to serve the Lord and share the message of the Gospel in China. His commitment to the Lord over competition-even though he was immensely talented-is inspiring to young and old alike. See the selfless sacrifice of Eric Liddell and his wife as they spent their lives serving on the front lines of missions, even during the devastation of World War II."

To watch the movie FREE (for a limited time), click HERE

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