Futures Brings a New Sound to "Hills and Horizons"


Futures is the pop and worship expression of Influencers Church in Australia & the USA. They will be dropping their brand new album Hills & Horizons (DREAM Records) on January 7, 2022.  The 11-song album is a beautiful blend of pop, alternative and adult contemporary sounds filled with melodies of hope for listeners looking for richer experience of God.  Songs "Just So Good", "Simple", Can't Steal This Love" and "Good Things" will be available as part of the LPs pre-order.

"Hills & Horizons, our debut Studio LP is here! 2 years in the making and we couldn't be more excited for you to experience the sonically iconic journey that is Hills & Horizons. This is a signature piece in the exciting evolution of Futures. We pray this album would bring much-needed perspective to a world seeking to understand their purpose on a road so often clouded with disillusion." - Mark Evans, Futures

Song from the album were produced by Mark Griffiths and Andrew Barlow.  Andrew Barlow, Mark Evans, Chloe Evans, Ryan Rolls and Danae Leslie all contributed to writing songs from the album.


1. Just So Good

2. Can't Steal This Love

3. Hills and Horizons

4. Simple

5. Good Things

6. Alibi

7. Famous

8. Dandelion

9. Dare to Believe

10. Good News

To pre-order the album, click HERE.

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