Tony Evans Helps Us to Dump Our Garbage in FREE 3-Day Devotional

Tony Evans

Pastor, speaker, author, and widely syndicated radio and television broadcaster, Dr. Tony Evans is offering a FREE online devotional to help us begin the new year aright.  Working through scripture, Evans helps us through this three-day devotional how to dump our garbage (our hurts, unforgiveness, shame, regrets, and failures) and give our lives anew to God. 

Here's the synopsis of the devotional: "One thing is inevitable-life will bring us hurt, pain and suffering. When it does, we often try to carry that pain all by ourselves. But that only brings deeper hurt and deeper pain. Our emotional pain can feel like it is too great to carry. In these devotions, bestselling author Tony Evans shares the secret of how we can deal with our "garbage" by giving it over to God." 

You can subscribe to the devotional HERE.

Here's a sample of the devotional:

In 1986, there was a sanitation strike in the city of Philadelphia. When it happened, it left piles of trash uncollected and unaddressed. Soon, the trash became a health hazard to the city. That's when a ship called the Pelicano was brought in. Nearly thirty tons of trash, some of it burned and fuming with toxic ash, were placed on board this freighter. 

Because the trash had become so toxic, the Pelicano had nowhere to go. No country would allow it to dock because no nation wanted to allow the toxic waste into their space. So, for two years the Pelicano floated on the sea looking for a place to rest. The only permission it was ever granted during that time was to stop and refuel so that it could go on its way. 

A lot of us are like this Pelicano in more ways than we might even know. Life can heap garbage and trash upon us until it accumulates into something toxic. We might briefly dock at church to refuel, but we leave church carrying the same heavy weight we had when we walked in. 

Our only freedom is found when we give it to Him.

What kinds of emotional "garbage" are you carrying? What are you going to do about it?



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