The Church Will Sing Offers a Rousing Cover of Meredith Andrews' "A Million Saints"

The Church Will Sing

Worship collective The Church Will Sing has released their brand new single "A Million Saints (feat. Matt Sallee, Expression58 Worship, & Michelle Lutz)" via Curb | Word Entertainment. The song, originally recorded by Meredith Andrews, was co-written by Andrews, Phil Wickham, Hank Bentley, and Mia Fieldes; and produced by Andrew Berg of We The Kingdom. 

Together, the choir of voices exalt a holy God worthy of praise, joining an ongoing heavenly chorus that reverberates throughout history. "A Million Saints" paves the way for a second volume of The Church Will Sing, arriving March 31, 2023. 

"The church has sung, the church sings today, and the church will sing throughout eternity," says Jonathan Mason, Director of Word Worship Music. "All of us at Word Worship Music are thrilled to announce the release of this inaugural collection of congregational worship songs, featuring you, the Church from all across the globe, united."

"It's our desire for this project to create a conversation about where worship songs originate and how they make their way into the Church's lifeblood," Mason adds. "We hope The Church Will Sing can help elevate the work of many of today's great worship songwriters in much the same way the hymnal did for writers like John and Charles Wesley or Fanny Crosby." 

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