Brad + Rebekah Offer Us a Glimpse of Their Testimonies & Prayers in "Life Again"

Brad + Rebekah

Husband and wife worship duo Brad + Rebekah will be releasing their 7th album Life Again tomorrow (Sept 9). Nearly four years since their last full project, it represents a long journey of patience and trust. Together with trusted old and new song writing friends, Brad and Rebekah have put a bow on their journey, but have also penned songs that will encourage others to lift their eyes and place focus on the One who is above all circumstances.

The couple announce, "This will be our 7th studio release and it has come with much emotion, much delay, but also much anticipation. These songs are both our story and our continued prayers... To those who listen... we can't wait for you to hear each song, sense each moment and allow new life to be birthed from whatever season you walk." 

One of the most meaningful songs they wrote for the album is the title track "Life Again," which ties in both Rebekah's testimony and those of Watoto (, a child care ministry in Uganda birthed in response to the growing number of orphans and vulnerable children in the area. It provides physical, educational, spiritual and emotional care for thousands of children, and vulnerable women and it has been an integral part of Brad + Rebekah's personal story and career.

The two became involved with the ministry after their first visit to Uganda 10 years ago, and have been sending proceeds from their record sales to the kids there ever since. In 2015, they invested even more -- bringing a team of musicians, songwriters, dance instructors and producers with them to put on the first five-day Watoto Worship Camp for the kids. They've done four more camps since and have no plans of stopping.

"It's been a huge piece of what we've done," Brad says. "From visiting and supporting them through our fundraising efforts, to actually coming and bringing creative teaching teams with us, I would never change our involvement with them, ever. We love it." 


01. Life Again 

02. Rejoice 

03. Hold It All 

04. See Your Faithfulness 

05. Glorious Hope 

06. Someone's Praying 

07. Wellness 

08. This I Know 

09. Someday 

10. Life Again (Radio) 



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