New DocuFilm "The Domino Revival" Reveals the Desperate Need for Revival

The Domino Revival

As society becomes more secular and falls further from traditional biblical values, many Christians are praying for a revival of the nations - a movement to reignite and revitalize the body of Christ that propels Christians to share the Gospel like never before. What many don't know is the movement has already begun and is catching fire all across America.

A groundbreaking new documentary, "The Domino Revival," takes moviegoers on an extraordinary journey with online media sensation Pastor Mike Signorelli and a group of revivalists during this pivotal period in America's history. The film is distributed through Fathom Events and will be in theaters for one night only on Tuesday, October 24. As society's fascination with the supernatural intensifies, this film unveils the awe-inspiring power of Jesus Christ. Through compelling Gospel preaching, documented miracles, triumph over despair, and liberation from demons, "The Domino Revival" captures the essence of spiritual hunger and delivers a profound cinematic experience.

"It's so clear that our society is attempting to redefine right and wrong," said Signorelli. "We've officially reached a tipping point. The future used to seem so bright, and now the uncertainty and constant anxiety is crippling. There's a sinister evil, but it's parading around as if it's good, lurking in our local schools, libraries, shopping centers, and even churches. But the Bible isn't a story of what 'happened.' It's the story of what always happens. This is an ancient evil spirit at work in our world today, and now it seems as if God's people are being faced with a decision - do we bow in fear, or stand for truth? As the world grows darker, many will give into fear, but I see a holy remnant rising."

Starring Signorelli and his wife Julie, as well as Mark Driscoll, Isaiah Saldivar, Alexander Pagani, Vlad Savchuk, Jenny Weaver, Stephen Weaver, Ryan Lestrange, Jeremiah Johnson, Jessi Green, Parker Green, Leon Dupreez, Andy Byrd, Jacob Coyne, Shane Winnings, Craig Brown, and Jonathan Stamper, this groundbreaking film details the incredible revival happening across the country and addresses some of the trials and tribulations that these incredible leaders face when it comes to the revival of American spirituality.

To buy tickets for "The Domino Revival," go to Fathom Events. Tickets can also be purchased at participating theater box offices. For a complete list of theater locations, visit the Fathom Events website (theater locations are subject to change).


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