Hillsong's Brian Houston's Daughter and Son-In-Law to Pioneer New Church

Laura Toggs

Laura Toggs, daughter of Hillsong Church's founding pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, will be pioneering a new church in Sydney, Australia with her husband Peter. Previously,  Laura was the pioneer of Hillsong Young & Free. Together with her husband Peter, they pastored the youth ministry of Hillsong Church.   

Brian Houston expresses his support when he writes, "We are very proud of @petertoggs and @lauratoggs as they begin on their journey of planting a new church in Sydney, Australia. They are outstanding pastors and a wonderfully gifted couple. It has not been an easy journey for them, but they have remained strong in spirit and faith-filled as they look to the future.

"Bobbie and I will give them every bit of our support but it is their vision and their choice. I couldn't be more excited for them. Philippians 1:6." 

After spending 36 years (her entire life) in Hillsong church, Laura left the mega-church earlier this year. Reportedly, Laura and Peter have been very dissatisfied with the handling and revelations of the scandals over the last two years and are moving on for that reason, despite benefitting from some of the generous wages Hillsong paid staffers. The couple was making nearly $320,000 a year from Hillsong, not including honorariums, speaking fees, and another salary from the Shiloh ministries, which some sources peg at another $250,000. They live in a $1.3M dollar home in Glenhaven, one of the most desired neighborhoods in Sydney, Australia.

Laura left the church a litle after a year after her father resigned. In March 2022, Brian resigned his position as senior global pastor after an internal investigation into his conduct with two women connected to the church. It was reported that in 2013 and 2019 he had engaged in inappropriate behaviour with both women.  



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