Harrison Sheckler Teams Up with Gloria Gaynor on "Talkin' 'Bout Jesus"

Gloria Gaynor

Pianist and composer Harrison Sheckler and his virtual choir have teamed up with the legendary Gloria Gaynor to unveil their latest gospel music video, "Talkin' 'Bout Jesus."

The song, drawn from Gloria Gaynor's Grammy award-winning album Testimony, is a soulful gospel number. While the premiere date coincides with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the song's message aligns seamlessly with themes of hope and spiritual resilience found in Jesus Christ.

Harrison Sheckler's virtual choirs are a pioneering approach to music-making, bringing together vocalists from around the world through the power of technology. These choirs have garnered international attention for their innovative format and ability to create beautiful music despite physical distances. Each project is a meticulous blend of individual recordings, harmoniously woven together to form a single, unified voice. More about these choirs and Harrison's work can be found at

Alongside the talents of Gloria Gaynor and featured vocalist Kymberli Joye, the video features an ensemble of skilled musicians: Elise Trouw, Anna Sentina, Sophie Giuliani, Harrison Sheckler, Steven Alesso, Grace Kelly, and The Brass Twins. Additionally, 60 choir members from across the USA lend their voices, creating a rich tapestry of sound that embodies the spirit of gospel music.

At 80 years young, Gloria Gaynor, continues to inspire with her music and will be premiering her documentary detailing her extraordinary life and career, 'I Will Survive,' on February 13th in over 900 theaters across the USA.




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