Ke'Erron Releases His Debut Integrity Music Single "Chances"


Ke'Erron releases his newest single, "Chances," a moving testimony of God's unfailing love and forgiveness in the artist's life and the lives of others. To listen/download the song, click HERE. This song was written with Mitch Wong and one of Ke'Erron's dear friends, Evan Craft, as they shared stories of God redeeming relationships with their fathers.

Growing up, Ke'Erron's dad was in and out of jail and battled drug addiction, which left him feeling resentful and alone. "It was hard for me to receive God's love because of the perspective of my father," he recalled, and asked himself, "How do I see the Father rightly if I have this grudge against my own dad?"

"Chances" is his response to that question, and he hopes it will encourage listeners to not give up on their loved ones and to forgive as Christ forgives. 

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Ke'Erron (Sims) is a bilingual worship artist who grew up leading worship at a Spanish speaking church. His artistry blends pop, worship, CCM and Gospel with his primary aim to tell stories of God's selfless, life-giving love that changes everything.

Several years ago, Ke'Erron was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an auto-immune disease, and later stage 4 liver cirrhosis. Both diseases are considered to be incurable. Through enduring his health hardships, with Jesus, Ke'Erron has been gifted a greater perspective of his purpose. He has always believed in the healing power of music and is on a mission to encourage others who are facing health and life challenges with his music and message.

Ke'Erron's first album with Integrity Music, "Anything Can Happen," is set to release in September 2024. His hope is that these songs-some even written from hospital rooms-will remind others that God can do anything, there's always a second chance, and even when we don't understand, we can trust Him.



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