Kari Jobe 'Hope' Bracelet: Proceeds Go Toward Ending Human Trafficking And Injustice

Kari Jobe, Dove Award-winning Christian musician, actively gives God worship and praise on a daily basis through various forms of ministry.  One aspect of her ministry is her exclusive jewelry line, which has recently added her 'Hope' bracelet to its online collection.

Jobe created her exclusive jewelry line, with the help of her sister, Kris, in order to raise money for the cause of bringing an end to human trafficking and injustice, according to her Facebook page.  

"Whether I'm participating in an effort like this or leading worship, it's all about making a difference," Jobe was quoted saying on Facebook. "That's the reason I'm doing what I'm doing at this specific moment-to see God's name lifted high, to encourage the hurt and the broken and to remind everyone to draw close to Him because He really, truly does care about each and every one of His children."

Thursday morning, Jobe tweeted about her 'Hope' bracelet saying, "It's finally online, has only been at worship nights and I am so excited everyone's so excited about this!!"

The bracelet is a leather cuff with gold accents and is meant to be "a reminder to always have HOPE," according to the Kari Jobe website.

In addition to her exclusive jewelry line, Jobe is primarily a musician and her most recent album, 'Where I Find You,' was released in January, 2012.  The album is a call for listeners to experience God's presence in their lives to the fullest, according to the Kari JobeFacebook page.  "Ultimately, it's about declaring who He is and enjoying the simplicity of knowing the Lord is near.  He's for us, He loves us, and sometimes, we need to just stop, enjoy His presence and take that in," Jobe said of the album.

The album reflects the theme of hope, which is emphasized in the bracelet that is now available online.  "This album is about hope and life; it's about lifting the broken off the floor and singing love over them," Kari said, according to Facebook. "The songs create intimate moments and outward shouting, and it's my hope that these songs find the broken and lift them to a place of praise to God for what He's done."

Jobe has ministered in churches, arenas, theaters, festivals and conferences across the globe and has also decided to share God's love by partnering with the A21 Campaign, an organization dedicated to abolishing modern-day human trafficking.  She said that, as believers, we've been called "to impact people's lives in everything we do."  

Jobe recently joined Chris Tomlin on his 'Burning Lights Tour,' which finished up its last show on May 4.  She joined Tomlin and Passion City Church Pastor, Louie Giglio, on their tour across the country that hit 21 different cities and began in February.  "Kari is such an amazing girl, she has incredible music and just her voice, oh my goodness, when she sings I get chills all over," Tomlin said in an interview with KSBJ before the tour.  "And she has such a great heart of worship and, for me, thats the best key for her on tour.  I want someone who really has that heart to lead people to God."

The tour was an overwhelming success, the most successful tour of Tomlin's 13-year-long career, seeing a 53% increase in average show attendance above the previous tour and selling out 25 of its shows, according to CCM.  The two-disc, 'Burning Lights' Deluxe Tour Edition is due to be available in October.

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