Michael Brown’s Autopsy Shows Unarmed Teenager Was Shot at Least Six Times

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Michael Brown's Autopsy Shows Unarmed Teenager Was Shot at Least Six Times

Michael Brown's Autopsy Shows Unarmed Teenager Was Shot at Least Six Times

Violence erupted again in Ferguson as reports came out that Michael Brown, a black teenager who was killed a by an
officer on Aug. 9, had six gunshot wounds based on a preliminary autopsy on Sunday.

Dr. Michael Baden, who performed the private autopsy as requested by the victim's family, told the New York Times that the result proved that the police officer fired at least six shots into Brown, including two in the head.

The autopsy revealed that one of the bullets entered the top portion of Brown's skull, which could prove that
the victim's head was bent forward when the officer fired the fatal shot.

Baden said that the point of entry suggested that Brown was either giving up before the officer fired the sixth
shot or he was charging towards the policeman.

Aside from the gunshot wounds on the head, the result also revealed that the 18-year-old was shot four times
in his right arm and all point of entries suggested that the officer was in front of Brown.

It is still unclear, though, whether or not the shots were fired at a very short distance because Baden did not find
any traces of gun powder on Brown's body, but the information could change once Brown's clothing is examined.

Chaos erupted in Ferguson again when the autopsy result showing the number of gunshot wounds were revealed.
The police department has been under fire for keeping all information since the incident happened.

When asked about the police department's decision to keep information confidential amidst strong demands for justice,
Baden said: "People have been asking: How many times was he shot? This information could have been released on
Day 1. They don't do that, even as feelings built up among the citizenry that there was a cover-up. We are hoping to
alleviate that."

Ferguson Police Department spokesman, Tim Zoll, declined to comment on the purported autopsy, saying that the
have yet to see the full report.

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