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Seventh Day Slumber
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Seventh Day Slumber 2013
 In 1938, a man from Richmond, Virginia named Dr. J. Calvitt Clarke set out to help children displaced by the second Sino-Japanese War. He formed the China’s Children Fund, a non-governmental emergency relief organization to do it. Shortly after the end of World War II, CCF had expanded and was also helping children in Philippines and Burma. A missionary in China named Dr. Verent Mills led the expansion into northern China, Korea and Japan; then into Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo and India. By the end of the decade, Belgium, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland had been added to the growing list of countries. Over the next 20 years, children in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine started receiving aid and CCF changed to Christian Children’s Fund. CCF orphanages stretched outward to include Family Helper Projects, helping children in their own homes. The 70s and 80s saw expansion to Africa and by 1985, more than 325,000 children were being sponsored around the globe. Known today as ChildFund International, the organization is part of the ChildFund Alliance with eleven other international children's organizations (ChildFund Australia; Christian Children's Fund of Canada; BORNEfonden (Denmark); Un Enfant Par La Main (France); CCF Kinderhilfswerk (Germany); ChildFund Ireland; ChildFund Japan; ChildFund Korea; ChildFund New Zealand; Barnfonden (Sweden); Taiwan Fund for Children and Families).They can be found in 31 countries, assisting approximately 17.8 million children.


Seventh Day Slumber has not been around nearly as long as CFI, but founder and lead singer, Joseph Rojas, knows childhood suffering firsthand. When his father left the family before he was even 13, the abuse may have stopped, but the ravages of poverty did not. Though poor, his mother did her utmost best to provide and to teach her son about Jesus. But to a young boy who saw nothing but blackness around himself, Jesus was a fairy tale that he couldn't, no - make that wouldn't, let himself believe in. By the time he was a teen, Rojas was addicted to drugs and a convicted felon. His life was a cycle of pain, depression and hopelessness. By the time he was 22, he had a $400-a-day cocaine habit that he was funding by stealing - even from his own mother, to the point that she lost everything and had to file for bankruptcy. Powerless to stop the out-of-control train that his life had become, Joseph decided that the only way he could stop the pain he was experiencing and causing was to kill himself. He took what he knew was a lethal dose of cocaine to end it all. Though his intention was to be found by someone other than his mom after it was over, God's plan was different. Rojas' mother walked in and found him on the floor, having a heart attack. As she called 911 and prayed mightily the God he didn't believe existed to save her child, he was in and out of consciousness and unable to speak. As the paramedics worked on him in the back of the ambulance, he felt the hand of God.

“It was like God was with me. I just felt this power. His presence," he shared in an interview with the Denver Post. "It was the most comforting feeling. And since I couldn’t speak, I spoke with my heart to God that if he will still have me as messed up as I am, a worthless drug addict, if he could find some use for me to find it in your heart to take me back after all I’ve done, I’ll give my life to you and I’ll live for God. And that was the first time in my life I felt the love of a father, because I grew up without a father. I felt like I was whole."

Fast forward 17 years and you can see why Seventh Day Slumber and CFI are such a good fit. CFI works around the world to give hope to children who have little or none of the precious commoditiy. Rojas has been in that exact spot. As part of Childfund International's 3rd annual Small Town America tour, the band can help share what CFI does with their fans and help kids in the process.

Small Town America Tour Dates:

(with Manic Drive and Submission Red)

  • Sept. 25 - First Baptist Church - Stephenville, TX (tickets are free)
  • Sept. 27 - New Life Church - Beeville, TX (tickets are free)
  • Sept. 28 - Foster Communication Coliseum - San Angelo, TX
  • Sept. 29 - Calvary Assembly of God - Midland, TX
  • Oct. 1 - Eastern New Mexico State Fair - Roswel, NM
  • Oct. 4 - Levoy Theater - Millville, NJ
  • Oct. 5 - Francis Farm - Rehoboth, MA (Connect Fest 2013 with Disciple)
  • Oct. 12 - Watertown High School - Watertown, CT
  • Oct. 19 - Basically Church - Dumas, AR

With Submission Red and Havenstance

  • Oct. 23 - Agri-Plex - Ada, OK
  • Oct. 25 - Caveland Church - Cave City, KY
  • Oct. 26 - Rock The Park @ Cicott Park - Attica, IN
  • Nov. 2 - Hebron Baptist Church - Denham Springs, LA

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