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Hillsong Young & Free
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Hillsong Young & Free
If you are looking for poetic magic in your worship, Hillsong Young & Free will make you very, very happy. The new youth band from the mega, worldwide church's first release was recorded live and all of the energy and passion is there. Not just for the younger crowds, the music is glorious with an unprocessed sound that galvanizes you, whatever your age, towards the Throne.

Kicking things off is the shimmering "Brighter." You listen and know that you're getting ready to praise in a big way. Slowing down a bit, unabated worship mixed with moments of pure praise shines brightly in "Lifeline." The deep "Close," a personal favorite, encourages while lifting you up and reminds me of Chris Tomlin. "Your Love Goes On," stereotypical Hillsong that will remind listeners of the music of early UNITED, falls in the middle. Ending with "Sinking Deep," this piano driven piece leaves you in a contemplative mood as you understand that God invites us to sink into His love 24/7 and it's us, not Him, who keeps us from living there 365 days a year.

The whole album is thoughtful and well laid out. Whether it's the ballads, the worship anthems or the spirited praise songs, you feel the intensity and the love of Christ on every song. While younger Christians may appreciate it more than older ones, it's not due to a fault in the music or the theology. I personally believe it's because us older folks are looking for more "meat" and meaning in everything we listen to. Those who are young aren't looking for the answers to life's questions in a three or four minute song - they're just overjoyed at the opportunity to worship together.

GENRE: Contemporary Praise & Worship
RELEASE DATE: October 1, 2013

Hillsong Young & Free Track List:

  1. Brighter
  2. Alive
  3. Wake
  4. Lifeline
  5. Close
  6. Love Goes On
  7. Gracious Tempest
  8. End of Days
  9. Back to Life
  10. In Sync
  11. Embers
  12. Sinking Deep


  • Alive
  • Embers
  • Sinking Deep

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