Dara Maclean 'Wanted' Review


Dara Maclean - Wanted
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Dara Maclean - Wanted

The first time you sit down to listen to Dara Maclean's latest release, Wanted, you may find yourself thinking of Crystal Lewis. Don't worry, you're not going crazy! Dara has said that Crystal's music has been a strong influence in her life and it really shows on this album. That doesn't mean she's going for a "Crystal Lewis Part II" sound; the rich touches of Amy Winehouse peeking out and the freshness of Francesca Battistelli show you that she's 100% Dara! There have been artists that have influenced her throughout her life, but her sound is all her own.

If you're looking for bubblegum, upbeat, everybody's happy, happy, happy music, look elsewhere. Wanted has a quiet serenity that gut punches you without depressing you at all. Instead, you listen and find yourself lifted up and feeling strong and loved. Maclean has an intensity and a passion that touches every person who hears her. Emotion saturates every song and if you don't feel it, it's possible you have no pulse! You won't find a single "bad" song on this album. For that matter, you won't even find a "take it or leave it" one ... they're all top notch, making this a 5-star release. This is a young woman with something to say and an incredible voice to say it with. But don't just take my word for it; listen for yourself and prepare to fall in love.

GENRE: Contemporary Christian
RECORD LABEL: Fervent Records
RELEASE DATE: September 24, 2013

Title Track List:

  1. Wanted
  2. Our Only Hope
  3. Set My People Free
  4. Love Is
  5. Good Enough
  6. Step Into The Light
  7. Blameless
  8. You Are All I Need
  9. Nobody But You
  10. I Am Blessed
  11. Made
  12. Find Rest


  • Wanted
  • Set My People Free
  • You Are All I Need

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