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Cloverton - Patterns
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Cloverton - 'Patterns'

For the Manhattan, KS based pop-rockers known as Cloverton, it all started with a win in 2011. And it wasn't just any win - the four-piece won the very first ROCK THE CAMP contest hosted by TobyMac and Camp Electric. The band's first single, "Take Me into the Beautiful," quickly became the the #1 most downloaded song in the history of KLOVE radio. Between hours and hours of traveling all over the world playing shows and festivals, the next step in the evolution of Cloverton was an EP. The End is the Beginning brought in even more fans and had reviewers foaming at the mouth over the band's talent and passion.


As more people heard their music, their popularity continued to grow. Radio stations in Australia, the U.K. and 48 of the 50 states in the U.S. were playing their music. Two of their singles, "Hope Inside" and "Take Me Into the Beautiful" were featured on the movie, Can We Talk? They hit #1 in the U.K. on the UKCMC Charts, #5 in Australia on TRAA, #12 in the U.S. on the CHR charts and #17 on Billboard's Christian chart. The band opened for huge names like Casting Crowns, Disciple, Hawk Nelson, Josh Wilson, Kutless, Leeland, Remedy Drive, The Afters, The Museum and tobyMac.

When the band started a kickstarter campaign to fund their first full-length album, they raised the entire amount (over $45k) with ease as fans jumped at the chance to help the young band take their next step. Patterns is the culmination of that effort.

With strings and synths hovering in the background, the driving forces of this album are Lance Stafford's voice and rock solid lyrics. Guitar runs that are just the right amount of heavy for the moment and the delicate tinkling of keys for those times when reflection is truly needed come in next and are right on time every time. Solid bass and drums driving the beat bring the package together solidly. If you're looking for an album that has a real personal feel, this is your winner. Each song appears to be crafted with the intent of drawing you in and it's easy to find yourself lost in the moment of the music.

Cloverton got my attention with opener "Anatole" - instrumental and short but with delivered with a "sit up and take notice" flair. The journey through the rest of the tracks drew me in and by the time I got to my two favorite songs, "White Knuckles" and "God Help Me To Be," I was definitely a fan. This is a band with a lot of talent and I have high hopes that they will continue to make music that will make me think and leave me breathless.

GENRE: Rock/pop worship
RELEASE DATE: September 17, 2013

Patterns Track List:

  1. Anatole
  2. Someday
  3. Green Light
  4. Father's Love
  5. Bridge
  6. Glowing in the Dark
  7. Mountains Will Move
  8. Patterns
  9. None Compare
  10. You Never Leave Me
  11. White Knuckles
  12. God Help Me to Be
  13. Psallo


  • Father's Love
  • White Knuckles
  • God Help Me to Be

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