James Bond 24 Updates, Release Date, Cast Rumors—Everything You Need To Know About The Movie That Will Start Filming December 6!

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James Bond 24 Updates, Release Date, Cast Rumors-Everything You Need To Know About The Movie That Will Start Filming December 6!

With the upcoming movie becoming the 24th installment for the franchise, James Bond 24 is surely something that a lot of fans are looking forward to seeing! Of course being a highly anticipated movie, leaked information is inevitable. One news that was confirmed is that Daniel Craig is going back on board for the next movie, as well as Sam Mendes.

Both Craig and Mendes were interviewed recently and they revealed some hints about what they are hoping for the next movie. They want to bring back the "basic and original" feel of the movie. This is one of the main reasons why for their casting calls, they went looking for the iconic henchman that they wish to bring back to the movie. They are also looking into bringing on old characters like M and Moneypenny.

Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harries are also getting back in the team! Cast rumors like Penelope Cruz playing the Bond girl and Chiwetel Ejiofor playing a villain have yet to be confirmed.

The movie is still untitled and people are still calling it James Bond 24. But although it is still untitled, the production is starting to take place. Script reading for the characters are said to start on November at the Pinewood Studios. And the actual shooting of the scenes will start on December 6. The shooting was supposed to start on October but this was postponed due to script rewrites.

The last Bond movie, Skyfall, was released last 2012 and it became the most successful one in the franchise, raking in a total of  £665 at the Worldwide Box Office. Proves to show that the team only gets better and better each time. Who knows what to expect for the upcoming movie.

James Bond 24 director Sam Mendes is excited to start filming this iconic adventure and action film that we all love! 

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