Dan Dean of Phillips, Craig & Dean Shares Christmas


Phillips, Craig & Dean
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Phillips, Craig & Dean (2012)

Since 1991, fans have been worshiping to the music of Phillips, Craig & Dean. Dan Dean shares some of his favorite things about Christmas in this Hallels exclusive.


Kim - Let's talk favorites. What is your favorite Christmas Carol?

Dan - "I’ll Be Home for Christmas"

Kim - What about a favorite Christmas Movie?

Dan - A Christmas Story

Kim - Christmas Treat?

Dan - Homemade (by ME) Yeast Rolls

Kim - What would you say is your all time favorite Christmas Gift?

Dan - A green bicycle, complete with training wheels, that I got when I was five years old.

Kim - What is one of your most beloved Christmas tradition?

Dan - Each year my wife, Becky, buys matching pajamas for the entire Dean clan - Becky and me, our kids and their spouses, and all of the grandchildren. We all have to wear them as we gather on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas morning. Everybody gripes about it…even me. (But my guess is that we would actually all miss it if she ever stopped!)

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