The Kingsmen On the Addition of Joshua Horrell, Keeping Their Music Fresh & Their New Album

The Kingsmen

The Kingsmen return with They Don't Know, the  legendary Gospel quartet's  first new album since their highly acclaimed 2014 release Battle Cry. This compelling album offers messages of hope, songs of faith and answers to life's questions through powerful lyrics and arrangements that  are strong and clear.

In classic Kingsmen style, there is something for every fan. The freshness of the title tune  "They Don't Know" and the meaningful ballad "The Evidence I Need" prove the Kingsmen are not stuck in the past idea of "three chords  and a cloud of dust." With the vocal abilities of Bob Sellers, Randy Crawford, and the newest member Joshua Horrell,  every song is delivered with conviction that matches the lyrics written by some of Gospel  Music's best songwriters.

These include Kenna West, Regina Walden, Sandy Knight and Jason Cox among others. Of course, you cannot have a Kingsmen album without the low notes provided by one of the most respected men in the industry, Ray Dean Reese. Ray shines on the traditional Southern Gospel tunes, "I'll Sail Away Home" and "Don't Underestimate God's Grace." They Don't Know is the  continuation of a great legacy  in Gospel music. Sixty-One years later, there are still new people discovering the Kingsmen, and They Don't Know the message. The Kingsmen are making sure that they hear it.

Q: Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. Congratulations of adding Joshua Horrell into your team, what do you most appreciate about Josh?   

Josh is a fantastic singer and person to travel with but what is most important is that he has a huge heart for ministry.  

Q:  Your previous album "Battle Cry" has been hailed as one of your best albums to date, did you feel the pressure when you were recording this new album? 

Absolutely---- but as always with Ray Reese being in this industry for over 50 years and myself a 20 year veteran, I have learned that you cannot walk into a studio and say " This is going to be a great project". You have to just trust that what you ate doing is up to the best of your ability and that the lord Jesus will use your music for his good.  

Q:  Did you approach the making this album any different?  What are your hopes for this record?

No, we hope that someone would be encouraged and/ or give they're heart to Christ.  

Q:  In your press release, you mentioned that you don't want your music to be "stuck in the past idea of three chords  and a cloud of dust."  How then do you keep your music fresh? 

It just has to feel right and I cannot explain it ( laughing)  I can say this--- if you ever feel that you are accustomed to having The Kingsmen projects pushing the boundaries and wonder what's next, you might get a album of Three cords and a cloud of dust.    

Q:  When you are looking for songs to record, what qualities do you look out for in a song?

They must be Christ centered and no blurring of lines.  

Q:  What are you most excited about this new record? 

New Music!!!!   Being able to have another album of Kingsmen that can help someone who is lost. 

Q:  One of your new songs is entitled "Legacy."  What is the kind of legacy you want Kingsmen to leave behind?

That people will continue to listen and enjoy gospel music.  Music is a very powerful tool and can be used greatly to reach someones heart that might never go to Church.  They might hear they're favorite gospel song and feel a tug at they're heart.   



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