Homegrown Worship's Andy Baker Shares the Moving Story Behind "Christ, Eternal King"

Andy Baker

Andy Baker of Homegrown Worship has recently released the new worship song "Christ, Eternal King."  While many contemporary Christmas worship songs lend themselves to the more reverential, sacred aspect of the birth of Christ, this song offers a rapturous round of good cheer and glad tidings for the Christmas period. 

Baker shares with us how the song came about.  "In 2008 I had the honour of selling merchandise for Graham Kendrick on his Dreaming of a Holy Night Christmas tour. Opening the evenings and singing in Graham's band was Philippa Hanna. It was the first opportunity that arose for Philippa to open a series of shows to large audiences in churches and theatres. We visited 25 locations in the UK and Holland in the space of a month.

I was encouraged to see people braving the cold December weather to attend these events and was reminded that Christmas presents a window of opportunity for Christians to share the good news of Jesus each and every year to a receptive audience. With each Christmas that has passed, I felt a gentle nudge reminding me that I should be composing some festive treats to share with the sons of the earth.

The definitive Christmas carol requires a delicate blend of tinsel, sleigh bells and the nativity story. We have sought to deliver a cracker for you all.

For the recording, we have served up all the trimmings. On piano, we recruited Richard Lennox (a self-taught concern pianist who lends his fingers to Prom Praise each year) to tinkle the ivories and organ. In between preparations for performing in Phantom Of The Opera, we had Millie Davies join us for the operatic notes you will enjoy as the song builds. Members of The Beacon Gospel choir joined us for shouts of praise, and our regular session guitarist Rob presented us with church-bell inspired riffs.

Jesus was born so that we might be born again and we should - like the church bells - share a joyous sound that our communities hear this Christmas."

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