Rend Collective Offers a Thoughtful Response to George Floyd's Death

George Floyd

The video showing George Floyd dying with his neck under the knee of a police officer, as three other police officers stood looking on, has sparked universal outrage. Rend Collective has taken to social media this week to offer their thoughtful reaction to the death of Floyd, a story that has dominated national news.  

They write: "We sing a song called "Build Your Kingdom Here". (Many of you sang along with us, arm in arm, before the pandemic). The song is a cry for God to restore this broken/beautiful world we share, to establish His justice, His rule and His reign, in our hearts, our lives and our world.

But it's also a challenge to us, His church, His "body" to incarnate that justice, hope and redemption in the world. God has set His hope in us - "we are your church, we are the hope in earth". The fully established kingdom of God is a place and a system where the evil, racist and untimely deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner (to name just a few)could never happen. We're just not there yet. We lament with our black friends as they attempt to process these horrific events. We are so sorry.

And we continue to pray with rekindled passion and fervour. God build your Kingdom here. Let the darkness fear. Show your mighty hand. Heal our streets and land. Set your church on fire. Win this nation back. Change the atmosphere.

But even more than that Lord, move us, show us and teach us how to participate in the restoration of this ugliness. Together."

About Rend Collective:

Hailing from a small town off the coast of Northern Ireland, Rend Collective (Gareth Gilkeson, Chris Llewellyn, Ali Gilkeson, Patrick Thompson and Stephen Mitchell) wants to be known as a celebration band, worshiping for God's Glory and fame. Since the release of their first album, Organic Family Hymnal, the group's authentic and energetic style of worship has attracted an international audience, with career sales of more than 900,000 albums and over 341M career streams. The group saw early success as their first ever single "Build Your Kingdom Here," peaked at No. 12 on the National Christian Audience Chart. Their 2014 release, The Art of Celebration, charted at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Albums Chart within the first week of its release. Known for their electric lively worship, the band has been a part of several major tours with top artists such as Chris Tomlin, MercyMe, Kari Jobe, Lecrae and more. The group released critically acclaimed As Family We Go in 2015, followed by, Campfire Christmas Volume 1, their first Christmas record, and Campfire II, both in 2016. The critically acclaimed Good News released in 2017, followed by Good News: Deluxe Edition in 2018.

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