We Dream of Eden Brings A New Ambient Sound to Christian Music

We Dream of Eden

We Dream of Eden has just released their latest album Deeper Still. This new record contains 10 tracks performed in lowercase ambient style. These songs are created to help us meditate the "mystery of everyday beauty, and the wonder of discovering sacred spaces that we never knew existed." 

Behind the vision of We Dream of Eden is Kirk Smith. Originally from New England, Smith moved to Memphis as a teenager and became inspired by the city's musical and spiritual heritage. Smith started off as a music producer for over a decade before forming We Dream of Eden in 2017. Of the new album, Smith writes: "10 songs composed in an ambient lowercase style. I am really pleased with how this record came together and I think you will enjoy it!"

Smith recalls how the project came about: "This album was made during a season of crazy transition and for lack of a better word, stress! But through it all the moments creating this record were some of my most peaceful and so I hope that feeling resonates with you."  

One of the highlights from the record record is a track called "Sacred Spaces." The song is a stunning invitation to view our own lives and the places we move about as God's space. Smith explains: "Some might think of large cathedrals or other "holy" sites when they think of sacred spaces. And to be sure they can be. The sense of wonder and reverence you may feel when first walking into these spaces are tangible.

But my goal with this project was to remind myself, that there are sacred spaces, and moments that can be entered into in the most ordinary of places. A walk in the park, the sharing of a meal, embracing a loved one.I believe that if we can reimagine the spaces we enter as sacred, we will treat them as such and honor them with love and compassion to those we find in those spaces...including ourselves!"

Listen to "Sacred Spaces" here.

You can download/stream the new album here.


01. Sacred Spaces
02. On Earth
03. Morning Mist
04. Shades of Green
05. Those Who Wait
06. Water Colors
07. Draw Close
08. Rain Drops
09. Shapes and Trees
10. Words and Windows

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