Jason Hendrickson's "My Longing" Draws Us into Intimacy with Jesus

Jason Hendrickson

Gospel music artist Jason Hendrickson releases his brand new single "My Longing" to all digital platforms. This song will usher you to that place in God where you can hear from God and God can hear from you Hendrickson hope his new song will draw people to a more intimate experience with Jesus.

The song is masterfully woven as a song of confession and adoration to God to fill the longing of the heart and soul.  Hendrickson is joined in this creative endeavor by the Grammy award nominated music virtuoso Shedrick Mitchell. 

"Shedrick Mitchell is a music giant.  He is recognized for his talent and his humility amongst the legends of our day.  His musicality far exceeds the definition of adept musician", says Hendrickson.  "He is skillfully anointed to create and add definition to music.  He is the perfect compliment to the song and I am so grateful for the collaboration."

The release of "My Longing" caps off what has been a year of favor for Hendrickson.  His Start Your Day daily inspirational moments started off as a Facebook initiative and has gained momentum to be placed on a number of terrestrial and internet radio stations, and is being compiled for a devotional book. 

His All Things Apparel line offers a wide array of clothing and accessories including hats, hoodies and tees as well as his Banana Pudding desserts further expanding his entrepreneurial enterprise.  "God will grace you to handle life and even to thrive in the midst of difficult circumstances.  I knew that as we faced the aftermath of the pandemic there would be situations where we simply had to trust God, and I am grateful that God has proven himself faithful repeatedly". Despite a hectic schedule, Hendrickson finds time to shepherd the flock of his church, Restoration Tabernacle where he serves as Senior Pastor, Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach.


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