New Movie SAINT MICHAEL: MEET THE ANGEL Explores the Reality of Angels


Who is Archangel Michael?  What is his role in the life of Church history to today? Why do we need angels? These are some of the questions that will be answered in the new movie SAINT MICHAEL: MEET THE ANGEL which will be in theaters for one-night-only on Thursday, September 29.  

This is the first documentary of its kind on Saint Michael to release in theaters. It will lead the audience to the places of apparitions of Saint Michael the Archangel and will include powerful testimonies of faith, riveting Church history, and beautiful architecture and art in Christian culture that will bring people closer to the extraordinary figure of Archangel Michael. 

"SAINT MICHAEL: MEET THE ANGEL will present audiences with an opportunity to really get to know the very first among the pure spirits known as angels - Saint Michael.  This look into his life is based on Scripture, history and Church teaching," said Konrad Sosnowski, CEO of Sonovision. "The documentary focuses on the history of the person and the veneration  of the Commander of the Hosts of Heaven, Saint Michael the Archangel." 

"In a world of increasing darkness and chaos, God has set up for us a supernatural force to help us combat this evil," said Fr. Wolfgang Seitz of Opus Angelum, an order dedicated to studying and propagating the work of the Holy Angels. "SAINT MICHAEL: MEET THE ANGEL introduces us to the Holy Angels especially Saint Michael which explains his importance through scripture and Church teaching. You need to call upon the angels as they are your first line of defense."  

Tickets for SAINT MICHAEL: MEET THE ANGEL can be purchased at or at participating theater box offices.  

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