Find Out What Christian Music Artists Are Thankful About


Every fourth Thursday of November, families across the United States observe the holiday of Thanksgiving. In honor of such a tradition, many Christian artists have taken the time to wish fans God's blessings as they also offer thanks to God.  Let's find out what some of these artists are thankful for. 


This thanksgiving I'm thankful for you. Each one of you by pushing play on a song, reading my book, and using a worship resource -enable me to do what I do making Jesus loud. I'm so grateful.

I truly believe we need more people falling in love with Jesus, sitting at His feet. You find His presence as you praise Him. 

May we remember His goodness today and always. Happy thanksgiving! 


Happy Thanksgiving! ⁠

We are so thankful for so many things today. First and foremost, for God and His amazing love and our ability to have close relationship with Him, for our amazing families, and the gift of music. What is something that you are thankful for today? 


As we head into Thanksgiving tomorrow I am reflecting on all the time this last year I was able to worship alongside so many of you... I am so grateful for each and every one of those nights.


thank you.
what beautiful words for God.

thank you.
what kind words for a friend.

thank you.
what a gift of words for a family member.

thank you.
what gracious words for random acts of kindness.

thank you.
what uplifting words for your heart.

i woke up to see a stunning table setting including my seating-with my beloved nickname. tears of thanks.
may you have a blessed thanksgiving. 


Praying for each of you to have a Happy, Peaceful and Joyous Thanksgiving, as I thank God for all of the love and joy He's given me through my family, friends, frams (friends that are like family) and fans both here and abroad. God Bess you all.


I hope you guys know how much of a blessing you are to me! I really can't thank you enough for sticking with me.

He is supplying all our needs. And paving the way. It's His law. Trusting the Lord leads to prosperity. We are safe because we walk in wisdom, remain generous to those in need, and will be the best stewards of God's gifts. We will lack nothing forever.  


What a way to end 2022. Thank you for blowing the roof off tonight in Alexandria LA. It's been the most incredible year of our career. It's been amazing and we are about to get some Sabbath. Love you all! See you in 2023 God willing.   


A blessed and Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

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