Point of Grace Released "Awesome God" This Time Last Year


One year ago today, GRAMMY® nominated, Dove Award-winning Christian music trailblazers Point of Grace released "Awesome God." The song was originally recorded by the iconic late Rich Mullins.

Point of Grace write, "This incredible song has soundtracked many seasons of our lives, from youth camps to college and beyond-it's just one of those songs that's just timeless. We wanted to honor his life and legacy by recording our own rendition over 25 years after its release.

"One of our FAVORITE things about this song is that some of you helped us record the final chorus at our Ocean City, NJ concert last year! When we asked the audience to sing the chorus a cappella so we could record it for the extended 'outro' to the song, we didn't even need to give them the lyrics. The entire room knew the words... just another example of how "Awesome God" continues to stand the test of time. It was SUCH a special moment and we're so thankful to include your voices on this song!

"You'll also hear that we included a spoken word interlude by Rich-a 1990s interview excerpt in which he discusses the Church as the embodiment of Christ to the world.

"Denise put it so well when she said this: `Rich's music and his thoughts on God challenged the Bible Belt bubble I was living in. Jesus loved rowdy folks-people who were rough around the edges-and so did Rich. He inspired me to rethink, Who is my neighbor? and How do I love them well?""

This song was produced by the incredible and award-winning singer/songwriter Cindy Morgan.

You can stream our version of "Awesome God" from their latest record "Turn Your Eyes" anywhere you get your music, and catch the lyric video below:

For further information, visit Follow Point of Grace on Facebook and Instagram.    

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