Jeremy Camp “I Still Believe: The Greatest Hits” Album Review

jeremy camp

Prime Cuts: Same Power, I Still Believe, The Answer

Overall Grade: 2.75/5

To capitalize on Jeremy camp's upcoming movie "I Still Believe," Capitol Music Group has put together haphazardly this collection.  First, the titular is remarkably similar to Camp's 2012 release "I Still Believe: The Number Ones Collection." Second, this is already the third "greatest hits" package to bear Camp's name. In 2013, we saw the release of "Icon," following 2012's aforementioned collection.  Third, the track list on this third "best of" collection resembles the previous two packages, except that there is a heavier leaning on Camp's more recent efforts.  However, this is a moot point for ardent fans who have had already purchase all his albums.  Fourth, there are absolutely no brand new or previously unreleased songs here, not even outtakes or songs that ended up underneath the drawing boards of previous releases.  Fifth, though songs such as "Walk By Faith" and "I Still Believe" enjoy new makeovers, you don't need to rush out to hear them.  All the producers have done is adorned them with heavier sounding backings.

Considering that the upcoming movie "I Still Believe" has already been voted one of the Top 10 most romantic films of 2020 by Seventeen magazine, the movie's success will drive many to this collection.  And if you are not familiar with Camp's music, this is a great introduction.  As mentioned above, this collection has more songs from his latter albums, namely, "The Answer" and "I Will Follow."   Both of these records are represented by three songs each.  And frankly, they are the best couple of albums in Camp's oeuvre. "Same Power," one of Camp's #1 song, is still one of the best songs that speak of how the resurrection of Christ is more than just a historical question.  Rather, it's also one that changes our lives and how face the trials and the whirlwinds of tomorrows.  While "The Answer" is still one of Camp's best power ballads showcasing his vocal glory over Christ-exalting lyrics.

Let's get to Camp's brand new takes of "Walk by Faith" and "I Still Believe." One wonders how involved Camp is with these two "so-called" new renditions.  Did he even re-recorded them?  Or were heavier-sounding synths and heart-pounding kick drums just augmented to the originals?  Being a romantic faith-based movie, one would hope that the so-called "new" songs would get a more stripped down and tender arrangement, rather than this headache-inducing mess.  Also, one would wish Camp would have had been more involved in the project - perhaps, even tantalised us with a love song his deceased former wife loved?  Or a non-Camp Christian song both of them used to share together?

Camp has had made some winsome and top-tiered records over his career.  And the songs on this set aren't necessary bad. It's just the way it's packaged that is quite jarring and a huge disappointments to his legion of fans.  



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