Vertical Church Band - 'The Rock Won't Move' Music Review

Vertical Church Band - The Rock Won't Move
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Vertical Church Band - The Rock Won't Move
Vertical Church Band’s second full-length live album is filled with songs that are looking for homes. That is the feeling you get when you first hear The Rock Won't Move. Not locked in to any single denomination, socio-ecomonic level or age group, this collection of songs is for anyone who wants to praise His name and worship at His feet. Listening will leave you feeling satisfied and filled in places you didn't even realize were running low.

At the center of is all is a desire to actively worship. This isn't a band that wants fans to just listen passively. Vertical Church Band wants listeners to experience God in ways beyond the usual, stand when the crowd does, bow your head at the right moment ways that some of us have fallen into. Variety is another huge part of this project. Every song stays under the same umbrella, but the tones and textures are different enough to stand out.

Kyle Fredricks leads the glorious "I'm Going Free (Jailbreak)" and while at first, it seems like just another get you on your feet type song, there is a moment when the meaning of it all hits and pure joy is released. "Strong To Save," with Seth McConkey on the lead, gives you rock worship. "Only Jesus Can" stands out with super strong lyrics and delightful back and forth between co-leads Jon Guerra and Tara Rios.

Each song sets out to draw you in and succeeds in a big way. While good worship songs have a sound of their own, great worship songs have a heartbeat and that is what Vertical Church Band delivers ... a heart that beats in one accord for one God.

GENRE: Contemporary Worship
RELEASE DATE: October 29, 2013

The Rock Won't Move Track List:

  1. Found In You (Andi Rozier)
  2. I’m Going Free (Jailbreak) (Kyle Fredricks)
  3. The Rock Won’t Move (Kyle Fredricks)
  4. Worthy, Worthy (Meredith Andrews)
  5. I Will Follow (Jon Guerra)
  6. Strong To Save (Seth McConkey)
  7. Call On The Name (Seth McConkey)
  8. Strong God (Meredith Andrews)
  9. Only Jesus Can (Jon Guerra and Tara Rios)
  10. He Has Won (Seth McConkey)


  • The Rock Won't Move
  • Strong God
  • I'm Going Free (Jailbreak)

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